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What we eat is central to our health.

A “healthy diet” is not the same for everyone, there is no single diet or style of eating that will suit everybody. Specific diet plans can be beneficial for different conditions and can have a huge impact on the bodies capacity to heal itself. Metabolic and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can respond very well to changes in food consumption and ensuring key nutrients are adequately provided.

Many people find that they have acute or underlying chronic aggravations from the foods they eat. Many healthy foods such as wholegrains, dairy, soy and eggs can sometimes be the cause of digestive discomfort, i.e. cramps, bloating, diarrhoea or constipation. In this instance careful food management and elimination of some foods for a period of time may be necessary.

This can be a challenging task. Naturopaths are well trained to support and direct patients through nutritional changes with clear and sensible treatment plans provided to get you on your way to eating well for YOUR body!