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Summer is Coming...

We usually associate summer with the festive season, Christmas parties, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Eve.  It is traditionally a time of over indulgence on almost every level. Sadly, for some it is a time filled with feelings of stress, worry and anxiety.  Natural Medicine is a fantastic way to support yourself, it enhances your nervous systems capacity to tolerate the burden being placed on it whether from internal or external stimuli .  

If you feel overwhelmed, worried  or are having sleepless nights it your warning system that the nervous system is overloaded.  If left unsupported it can lead to more long term problems such as adrenal fatigue, depression, digestive problems and hormonal issues.

Now is a great time to get prepared for the summer to ensure you and your loved ones can all enjoy each others company, because family is at the heart of the festive season.  Putting your needs first means your family will truly feel the benefits too.