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Phil Baxter is our resident acupuncturist. He has been a trusted practitioner of Oriental medicine since 1999. Over this time, he has developed skills across a range of techniques enabling a highly specialised and individual treatment.

Phil practices Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, meridian therapy, acupressure and bodywork including; deep tissue massage, cupping, heat therapy and Sotai structural alignment. He also provides facial rejuvenation acupuncture and children's shoni shin acupuncture. His work is deeply relaxing and restorative. 

Phil may also prescribe Chinese herbal or nutritional medicine to support your treatment results. 

As the Japanese (Toyohari) style of acupuncture is a very gentle technique, it means Phil is able to work with some groups of people that are "hypersensitive" and may not be suitable for traditional Chinese acupuncture. These groups include:  

-Children & infants

-The elderly

-Insomnia sufferers

-People with chronic/debilitating disease

-Chronic fatigue syndrome

-Yoga practitioners & psychics

Phil has an ongoing relationship with a lineage of blind acupuncture masters in Japan (Toyohari acupunture) and is a qualified instructor in the martial art of Aikido.